How to Choose the Right Litter for Your Cat

The right litter choice for your cat is a type that she is happy to use and simultaneously meets a pet parent’s prerequisite for easy cleanup and effective odor control.

Fortunately, pet parents now have better options than clay litter such as eco-friendly alternatives made from coconut husks, wheat, corn and now ökocat® 100% natural litter made from reclaimed wood and paper materials.

Natural litters provide benefits to you, your cat and the environment because they are made from sustainable resources and are fully biodegradable, unlike clay litters. Plus, no harmful chemicals or synthetic scents are added, which can be a real turn-off for some cats.

When choosing a natural litter, you not only want it to be healthy and safe for your cat but also convenient and lightweight, with great odor control and very little dust. High absorbency and easy cleanup is important too. You also want to make sure it's the right texture of litter for your cat; for example, using a litter with larger pellets for a long hair cat and a softer one for kittens or cats with delicate paws.

Consider trying one of the new natural litters from ökocat® which have all the important benefits that mean the most. Superior absorbency, 7 day odor control, biodegradable and very little dust make ökocat® litter the right natural choice for you and your cat.


By Sandy Robins

Sandy is a leading multi-media celebrity pet lifestyle expert and influencer and a regular contributor and columnist in multiple national publications. Sandy is an avid campaigner for animal shelters and laws that protect animals everywhere. Of course it goes without saying that she is a besotted pet parent to a menagerie of fur kids at her home in Southern California.

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