Beyond bedding.

Sure, our comfyfluff™ is what pillowy soft dreams are made of, but carefresh® is more than that. We've gone above and beyond basic bedding to make sure we include all the features you and your small pet need with complete comfort care.

Makes the softest, driest, most comfortable home for your small pet.

Pillowy Softness, 10 day odor control, 2x more absorbant than shavings and 99% dust free
Made from Scratch

Only carefresh® is made from scratch with pillowy soft, ultra absorbent comfyfluff™ designed specifically for small pets. Unlike other small pet bedding, we make our own paper using raw, natural fiber obtained directly from the source to ensure your small pet lives a happy, healthy and loveable life.

See the Science

Make it home.

Your pet will feel right at home in natural paper bedding designed to encourage instinctual behaviors like nesting and burrowing.

Using carefresh®

A color for every character.

Your beloved pet has a unique personality, and so do you. Express it! With a wide variety of options, you can match your room, create a theme, or simply add a pop of color to brighten your pet's day.

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A Guinea Pig with a Flower!!!

The carefresh® bedding collection.

Small Pet Bedding

Our original bedding and core colors.

Small Pet Bedding

Special Edition
Small Pet Bedding

Celebrate your pet with specialty colors and blends.

Special Edition<br>Small Pet Bedding

Small Pet Bedding

Our original bedding blended with 25% larger pieces.

Nesting Small Pet Bedding

Rabbit & Ferret

Clean, white paper pellets for easy litter box care.

Rabbit & Ferret Litter

What's up with all the fluff?

Paper bedding provides a better environment for your furry friends.

Natural Paper Bedding Shavings Only


  • Fluffable fibers are comfy and soft on feet
  • Made from scratch using raw paper pulp
  • Ideal for nesting and burrowing
  • Rough wood texture does not expand or fluff
  • Made from leftover lumber material which may contain harmful oils (phenols)
  • Difficult to nest or burrow in


  • Long lasting, added odor control keeps home smelling fresh
  • Naturally unscented
  • No added odor control results in ammonia smell developing quickly
  • May have strong wood smell


  • Absorbs 2X more liquid than shavings keeping them warm and dry
  • Easy to spot clean resulting in less frequent complete changes
  • Liquids go straight to the bottom leaving a soggy mess
  • Requires more frequent changes


  • Very little airborne dust, better for your pet and you
  • Contains excessive dust that may cause respiratory illness or aggravate allergies

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