Supporting adoptions and changing the world one litter box at a time.

We have now donated over 8,000 pounds of ökocat natural litter to chosen shelters in eco-friendly cities across the United States, as voted on by our ökofans.

Each shelter receives a donation of 1,000 pounds of ökocat litter and their cat adopters receive a coupon for a free box of ökocat litter.

okocat natural litter

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We created the ökocause4paws Litter Donation Program in June 2018 to enable kitties to get started using a premium natural litter that is better for them, the home and our world.


  • Supported 4000+ adoptions
  • Donated 8000+ pounds of ökocat litter



#ökocause4paws in action 


2019 Selected Shelters