Dog on Bed

When outside isn't an option.

Limited on green space? Leaving Fido at home while you go to work? Our lightweight natural dog litter is an earth-friendly alternative to plastic puppy pads.

Pampered pooch. Simple training.

Protect your home with this lightweight natural dog litter that provides a safe, comfortable and convenient solution for small dogs, puppies, ill or senior dogs, breeders, trainers, doggie daycares, rescues and more.

Super Absorbent. Controls Odors.
Pheromone Attractant. 99% dust free.

Outdoor instincts.
Indoor solution.

  • Indoor Dogs
  • Urban Living
  • A Defined Potty Place
  • Inclement Weather
  • Accident Prevention
  • Traveling
  • Puppy Training
  • Special Needs
Tips on training
Puppy House Umbrella

Oh, the places you'll go.

Whether you and your pooch live on the 27th floor or are surrounded by a concrete jungle, Puppy Go Potty creates an accessible space for your pampered pooch to GO, even when you are not home. Convenient and portable, it also provides a solution for the traveling family.

Dog in car
Litter Box

Doing business,

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic puppy pads, Puppy Go Potty™ is a 100% biodegradable, natural dog litter that is sustainably sourced from rescued, unwanted fiber remnants.

Choosing a natural dog litter means saying good-bye to harmful chemicals and fake scents, and hello to natural odor control, plus a pheromone attractant that makes training easy and large paper nuggets that won't get stuck in paws. Now that's an earth-friendly approach to doing business.

Plant or plastic?

Just say no to puppy pads.

Similar to diapers in construction and disposal, plastic backed pads end up in landfills taking years to decompose. The choice is simple and sustainable: we rescue unwanted wood remnants to create an earth-friendly dog litter.

natural fiber litter puppy pads

Sustainable & earth friendly






Permanent potty location


No messy misses


Life expectancy

2+ weeks

single use

Simple to use.

1. Place 1-3" of Puppy Go Potty™ in a litter box large enough that your dog can turn around with plenty of room.
*volume is dependent on the size of your dog and tray.

2. Using a scoop or biodegradable waste bag, remove soiled litter and sold waste daily and dispose of responsibly. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly after handling soiled dog litter to prevent the spread of bacteria.

3. Add new litter as needed to keep the box filled to your dog's liking.

4. For your dog's health and happiness, it's important to occasionally empty the box completely and clean using warm water and mild soap.

Using Puppy Go Potty