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General Product

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

The Healthy Pet Promise

Every Healthy Pet product goes through rigorous quality assurance procedures and third-party laboratory testing and adhere to established safety guidelines mandated by regulatory and animal welfare agencies. Our products are made from substances that have a long history or safety for both humans and animals. They are commonly found in products from both the food and cosmetics industries.

At Healthy Pet we stand behind every product we make and we want you to be happy with your purchase.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it, along with your sales receipt to point of purchase for a full refund in accordance with retailer policies. If you are unable to return to the store where purchased, please contact us. We will gladly make every attempt to make things right.

Do you offer coupons?

Yes, we currently offer printable coupons to redeem at your local retailer for carefresh®, CritterCare®, and ökocat®. Please sign up for the email newsletters to receive newsletters with coupons and special offers. If you are unable to print coupons, please email us marketing@healthy-pet.com with your name, mailing address and brand you wish to receive a coupon for, and we will do our best to mail you a coupon.

How do I get a refund?

Please refer to the Healthy Pet Promise and return to the retailer you purchased from for a refund or exchange. If you purchased your product from our website and are not satisfied, please inform us via our Contact page or call 800-242-2287 and we will make it right for you.

Do you make bedding or litter for birds and reptiles?

Our products are developed and manufactured specifically for certain species of pets. We recommend checking with your local vet first before using it for other species. As with any changes to your pet’s care, if you do use it be sure to observe your pet closely for changes in behavior. Potential risk of impaction exists if your pet ingests a significant amount of any litter. If you suspect impaction, discontinue use immediately and seek veterinary care.

Are animals used in the testing of your products?

We do not use animals in the testing of any of our products. All our products do go through rigorous quality assurance procedures and third-party laboratory testing and adhere to established safety guidelines mandated by regulatory and animal welfare agencies. Our products are made from substances that have a long history of safety for both the humans and animals and are found in everyday products from both the food and cosmetics industries.

Why is there a Prop 65 Warning on your labels?

We realize the requirement posed (only) by the state of California sounds scary. It needn’t be. The warning pertains to “wood dust.” Along with beach sand, wood dust was added to a list of more than 900 substances ruled harmful when overexposure occurs in the workplace, or even by a consumer. According to the law, all wood- and silica-based pet products should state the Prop 65 warning to be compliant, though many do not.

There are several innocuous substances on the California list that with typical use, do not risk human or pet health (e.g. traditional clay cat litters are also required to carry the warning for silica or “sand,”). However, it’s our responsibility to label our products as required by law. Being a small company and to keep retail costs down, we chose to print only one packaging version, rather than incurring the cost of a “California only “version.

Shipping & Orders

Can I order by phone?

We do not generally have a way to take orders over the phone, unless under extreme circumstances. Please call us if you are not able to place an order on our website and we will do our best to help facilitate your order. We only accept credit card for payment

Do you ship to Canada or other countries?

At this time, we only ship website orders to U.S. addresses. Use our store finder to locate our products in Canadian or other international retailers.

Where is my order?

You should have received an email 1-2 business days after placing your order with your UPS tracking information included. If you did not receive it, please check your spam/junk mail folder. We only ship UPS ground from WA state, no expedited shipping is available at this time. It will take 3-10 business days to arrive, depending on where you live. Please call or email us if you have further questions about your current order.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Our shipping charges are determined by actual weight and destination based on current UPS rates.

Other Questions

Do you provide donations for rescues, shelters or other pet-related organizations?

We have donation programs for both small animals through our carefresh® Gives Back program and ökocause4paws for cats, that help support animal care and adoptions.

We sell your products, how do we get our store added to your store locator?

Please use our contact us page or email marketing@healthy-pet.com with your store name, address and the brand(s) you currently sell and we will add it as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.

We are a retailer and would like to sell your products, how do we do that?

If you are an independent pet retailer, please contact your current pet product distributor for information about selling our products. To order from us directly in large truckload quantities, please email sales@healthy-pet.com.