CritterCare® Girl and Guinea Pig

Nurture naturally.

CritterCare® provides a natural, nurturing living space and encourages instinctive nesting and burrowing behaviors in rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, ferrets, chinchillas and other small pets.

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Keep them comfortable & warm


Absorbs 2x more than shavings


Long-lasting odor control


99% dust free & easy clean up

Comfortable and safe.

We are dedicated to making paper bedding that is soft, safe and dust free for the entire family. CritterCare® promises to keep your little furry friend happy and healthy so you can enjoy time together for years to come.

Encourage nesting & burrowing behavior.

Hamsters and gerbils love to burrow through their paper bedding, while rabbits and guinea pigs prefer to make a cozy nest on top. CritterCare® is the perfect balance of softness and size to indulge small pets in their natural species-specific behaviors.

Natural Living for a happy woman and her bunny.

Natural living.

CritterCare® is made from 100% sustainable and renewable paper fiber and designed specifically for the needs of small pets. We start by using natural reclaimed paper fiber that is both compostable and biodegradable. Then we blend it with pet-safe odor control to help keep your home smelling fresh and your pets living space as natural as the forest floor.

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Natural Paper
Small Pet Bedding

Provides a natural, nurturing living space.

Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding

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