3 Ways to Make Your Cat's Life Better

As cat parents we love our kitties and we want to make the best choices to make sure our fur babies live their best life. Read on to discover three easy tips to make your cat’s life better.

When caring for your cat and looking to improve their life and yours, it can be easy to overlook the importance of the type of litter you choose and proper litter box care. 

Tip 1: Don't Forget the Litter Box

Traditionally, clay litter is most common, which clumps firm and absorbs well. However, clay lacks many of the benefits provided by natural, plant-based litters. For example, clay litters are often dusty and loaded with synthetic fragrances, GMOs and toxic chemicals that are not healthy for you or your cat. 

Switching to plant-based ökocat means your litter will naturally stop odors and clump solid for easy clean scooping without airborne dust, harmful chemicals, artificial fragrance or toxic dyes. ökocat is not only better for your cat and your home, it’s also better for the planet because it is sustainably sourced from upcycled wood and paper and biodegradable, so whatever you don’t use can be returned to the Earth. Fill your cat’s litter box with ökocat and you can trust that is truly the cleaner, healthier option for your cat, your home and the planet.

okocat natural litter

Ready to make the switch? Here are 3 easy steps to follow when transitioning your cat:

  1. Fill half of the litter box with ökocat and top off with your current litter. Your cat will mix the litters as they are used.
  2. When it's time to clean the box entirely, use more ökocat and less of your current litter on top.
  3. When your cat is comfortable with the change, fill entirely with ökocat.

When caring for your litter box, we recommend scooping daily and cleaning your litter box regularly with mild soap and warm water. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use ökocat litter:


Tip 2: Keep Your Cat Enriched and Entertained

A bored cat can be a destructive cat, which can be very frustrating and damaging to your house. It’s important to keep your cat active and entertained and  less likely to scratch furniture. Natural cat toys, growing your own cat grass, and cat scratchers are all great choices.

Here are a few options that you can find on Amazon:


Empty boxes, wrapping paper and yarn often make the best toys for your kitty and you can feel good knowing you’re doing your part to help reuse and recycle. Just make sure there are no small, loose pieces they can chew off and swallow.

Tip 3: Always Consider Your Cat's Safety

Another way to make sure your cat has a better life, is to think about how you can keep them safe, away from other harmful animals or other possible dangers. This usually means keeping them indoors but there are also ways they can safely enjoy the outdoors too.

One way for them to go outdoors safely is on a leash. Start slowly by putting a harness and leash on indoors and practice walking with them. Once they seem comfortable, try taking them outside for a short time and then gradually longer. A screened catio is another great way for them to enjoy the outdoors safely.

However, if your cat goes outside often microchipping is important so others can easily discover your cat’s information if they are lost. Additionally, breakaway collars will keep them safe if their collar gets caught on something. 

There are many ways to make a cat’s life better and give you peace of mind as a cat parent from making sure the type of litter you choose is clean and healthy and proper litter box care, to keeping your cat entertained with appropriate toys and scratchers, and making sure they stay safe no matter where they roam.
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