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The Many Benefits of Natural Cat Litters

The Many Benefits of Natural Cat LittersBenefits of natural cat litters okocat

Clay litter still accounts for more than five billion pounds of mined clay annually.  Because it’s not biodegradable, it clogs up landfills, a situation that causes much environmental concern. Learn how to #bebetterthanclay. 

In contrast, natural litters are biodegradable and compostable. Products like the ökocat™ wood and paper litters are also lightweight and user-friendly and their usage can significantly reduce a cat’s carbon paw print over her lifetime.

Natural litters are virtually dust-free and don’t contain any chemical odor-masking agents and fragrances that are often found in clay products and believed to trigger or irritate asthma and other respiratory issues in both cats and humans. And, from a feline standpoint, because cats have such a keen sense of smell, some are “‘turned off” by scented litters, and this could lead to litter box avoidance issues.

While there is a strong movement to ban declawing cats, there are still cats around that have been declawed. Often they have trouble scratching in harder types of litter and adapt better to natural, soft formulas.

As the janitor of your cat’s litter box, hygiene and odor control are key concerns. Natural wood and paper materials are very absorbent and rely on natural plant fibers to trap odors so they can't escape and evade the home.

The ökocat Natural Wood Clumping litter offers seven-day odor control, and it absorbs 500% its weight in liquid. The ökocat Natural Wood Pine Litter features cracked wood pellets and relies on the power of pine’s natural ability to destroy ammonia odors for up to seven days. Unlike food type litter materials, ökocat is made from wood. Wood contains naturally occurring compounds that protect trees in their natural environment. That means after your cat uses its litter box, unpleasant odors are naturally repressed.

Hygienic doesn’t only describe the state of your home but the state of your cat’s fur too. The ökocat Natural Wood Long Hair Clumping variety is specially designed for long- haired cats that tend to get cat litter stuck in their fur. Because it’s made from dense whole pellets, it also won’t get stuck between the toes or get carried out of the litter box.

The ökocat Natural Paper Dust-Free formula has been created for cats with respiratory ailments, or people with allergies. This litter is made from clean, white paper pulp, not recycled newsprint so it doesn’t contain inks, dyes or added scents.

The ökocat super soft clumping wood cat litter has a fine texture similar to that of traditional clay litters, making it easy to transition a cat from a clay litter to a scoopable natural formula and is ideal for cats with sensitive paws.  


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