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Rapid Growth Drives Healthy Pet Key Facility Expansions

Healthy Pet is excited to announce over $12MM in capital equipment and much needed expansion. FERNDALE, WA (March 17, 2018) Healthy Pet is excited to announce over $12MM in capital equipment and much needed expansion at its manufacturing facility in Jesup, GA this year. The expansions include a new cat litter plant designed to scale with their rapid growth in sustainable fiber cat litter. “Our new plant will be online in Q3, supplanting our litter that is currently being imported from our parent company, JRS in Germany. Healthy Pet worked closely with Wayne County Economic Development and the State of Georgia on this project and is proud to expanding jobs and opportunities for the city of Jesup,” said Ted Mischaikov, CEO of Healthy Pet. As a premier member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), Healthy Pet supports natural pet product solutions which help to create a more eco-friendly environment and mutually beneficial relationship between pets and their families. 
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carefresh® Gives Back Donation Program Launches

Ferndale, WA (March, 2019) — carefresh®, the only brand of small animal bedding made from 100 percent biodegradable, compostable and sustainable materials, is celebrating Adopt a Guinea Pig Month with the launch of its carefresh Gives Back donation program. carefresh will provide several rescues in the U.S. and Canada with free small animal bedding for adoptable guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas and more, throughout 2019. “Our carefresh Gives Back program was the result of our desire to help rescues and small animal adopters provide the very best care possible,” said Leslie Ellis, communications manager at carefresh. “We hear great things about the people who dedicate their time to ensuring small animals find the right homes, and we hope that our donation will make an impact on the care they can provide. Our bedding is all-natural, provides 10-day odor control and is two times more absorbent than traditional shavings.” carefresh selected All Paws Rescue in Edmond, Oklahoma as its first Rescue of the Month. carefresh donated coupons for 10 bags of free carefresh bedding to use with their adoptable small animals. In addition to the donation, each of their adopters in 2019 will receive a coupon for $5 off their first bag of bedding and the rescue will be featured on the carefresh Facebook and Instagram pages throughout March. “We’re delighted by the donation from our friends at carefresh. Quality bedding is an important care standard for our organization, so the free bags will help ease the expense of housing our small critter friends,” said Jessica Schwab, Small Critter Coordinator at All Paws Rescue. “In addition, we’re excited to be able to share coupons with our adopters so they can keep their pets on a safe and comfortable product.” Every other month, carefresh will select a small animal rescue to be featured as its Recue of the Month. Small animal rescues and shelters can submit requests to be selected as a Rescue of the Month through the carefresh Gives Back donation program, or animal lovers can nominate their favorite rescue or shelter, at  While using the HTML editor, check the cleaning options you want to perform when you press the main Clean button or execute them one by one.
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Healthy Pet Applies Sustainability in Action

Healthy Pet is continuing to grow and solidify its reputation as a sustainable pet company with compelling programs to reduce waste and use less energy. FERNDALE, WA (March 17, 2018) Healthy Pet is continuing to grow and solidify its reputation as a sustainable pet company. Founded on the idea of repurposing sustainable materials over 30 years ago, they produce “Best in Class” products and develop innovative high quality solutions for a wide range of pet needs. Inspired by an introduction to the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) in 2015, Healthy Pet began to explore new ideas to expand its sustainability even further. As part of the ongoing effort, they have leveraged the expertise of PSC and Sustainable Connections, a Bellingham, WA based nonprofit located near their headquarters, to come up with compelling programs to implement. “Improvement to safety and sustainability is not constrained to any particular area, as continuous improvement should apply to all products and services. The Pet Sustainability Coalition has an excellent improvement toolkit at and provides hands-on consulting to help effect positive changes,” states Healthy Pet CEO Ted Mischaikov. “I strongly suggest all pet sector companies look into their membership services as a first step to addressing sustainability (which nearly always overlays into improved safety).” In just over two short years, Healthy Pet has been able to accomplish amazing results in their sustainability program. Toward Zero Waste Program (TZW) At the core of Healthy Pet’s Zero Waste Program is the company’s determination to fully utilize all free recycling avenues: near zero waste at near zero cost. The program identified multiple waste streams that are now diverted from landfills, including compostable materials, metal recycling, broken pallets, cardboard boxes and more. With all of this material being redirected, the company is well on its way to emptying its trash dumpsters twice a year instead of twice a month. • First year they reduced dumpster loads from 24 loads per year down to 4 (83% reduction) • Second year they instituted an even more stringent recycling plan to reduce hauling a 30-yard garbage dumpster from 4 times a year to 2 times a year. • Reduced hauling a 40 yard cardboard dumpster from 12 times a year to 4 times a year. • Partnered with a Canadian supplier to divert 330 metric tons of the supplier’s material into a saleable commercial product for Healthy Pet. Energy Efficient Lighting Program Joint Ventured with Sustainable Connection and PSE to upgrade 100 percent of plant, warehouse, office, and external lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting, driving annual savings of over $30K. For two consecutive years, with the third on its way, Healthy Pet has been awarded the Northwest Clean Air Agency (NWCAA) Award for demonstrating at least three consecutive years of perfect compliance with air quality regulations and employing additional clean air practices. Out of more than 400 businesses registered with NWCAA, Healthy Pet is one of only nine to earn the Gold or Platinum award. “We believe sustainability is an economic decision that benefits all aspects of our business,” said Ted Mischaikov, CEO of Healthy Pet. “It also allows us to have a positive impact on the environment, improve the bottom line and align our values more closely with those of our employees.” Building on past commitment and success, Healthy Pet, will continue its charge towards zero waste and continuous improvement across all manufacturing metrics. They return a significant portion of earnings each year back into existing and new programs that will provide long-term environmental benefits, employee safety and personal health. As a premier member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), Healthy Pet supports natural pet product solutions which help to create a more eco-friendly environment and mutually beneficial relationship between pets and their families. 
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Whatcom Humane Society Honors Healthy Pet with Woof and Whiskers Award!

Healthy Pet is very proud to receive this award from the Whatcom Humane Society in recognition of their support in 2018 & 2019. Healthy Pet has been providing longtime assistance, care, comfort and advocacy to the WHS small animal Program and for the animals in their care for many years. This included a makeover of their small animal room in early 2019 and donation of new rabbit hutches. Support of this wonderful local organization and the animals in the community is a very important part of Healthy Pet. The Whatcom Humane Society believes that all animals, as sentient beings, have value beyond economic measurements and are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration and protection. Healthy Pet stands behind these beliefs as well and everything they do is built on a uniquely comprehensive approach to pet care.  For more information please visit .
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Healthy Pet Supports Employee Development with Job Skills Program

Ferndale, WA (August, 2018) – After being approved by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges, Healthy Pet has collaborated with Whatcom Community College and Impact Washington to receive funding through the Job Skills Program Grant. This has enabled Healthy Pet to provide free training courses to its employees arming them with valuable job skill learnings. The Job Skills Program provides funding for customized, short-term and job-specific training for eligible businesses using dollar-for-dollar matching grants. The Job Skills Program supports three types of training projects, each a tool to enhance the competitiveness of Washington’s businesses and industries and increasing employment opportunities. These types include new employee training and retraining or upgrade training that draw trainees from a company’s current workforce. Free continuing education for employees is a unique benefit gladly offered by Healthy Pet. These current Job Skill courses foster growth and encourage professional development. Subjects range from a course on the fundamentals of leadership to a series of courses focused on lean implementation. Customer Experience Supervisor, Sandy Bring, is achieving professional growth from this program by learning more about excel, outlook, and leadership. Bring reflects on her experience saying, “The courses I took invigorated and energized me to start thinking about what kind of working environment to create for my team. Ultimately, I want to have a culture that leads to team effort on developing new ideas and strategies for helping Healthy Pet maintain ‘Best in Class’ status, with an emphasis on continuous improvement.” With over 120 employees and growing in both Ferndale, WA and Jesup, GA, Healthy Pet sees its employees as its greatest resource. Healthy Pet is taking intentional steps to build up a team that is comprised of passionate, innovative and committed people.
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