ökocat® Natural Cat Litters are Now Available in 4,000+ Retail Doors Across North America

Retailers pounce on the opportunity to offer a high performance natural litter with innovative variety and a unique shelf appeal.

Ferndale, WA – (November 18, 2015) Further establishing itself as a leader in eco-friendly pet products, Healthy Pet is excited to announce that its ökocat® natural cat litters are now available at over 4,000 retail stores across North America.

“Achieving placement in over 4,000 retail doors, ökocat® is definitely marking its territory in the premium natural cat litter category,” said Samuel Cohen, Healthy Pet’s VP of Marketing & Sales. “We know how great this product is, as it’s been sold in Europe as a #1 natural litter from more than 20 years under another brand name. We anticipate continued and exponential growth of ökocat®, as cat-parents demand litters that are healthier for their cat, home and planet, and more importantly, perform outstandingly against the traditional dusty clay litters that fill up our landfills.”

ökocat® provides renewed innovation in natural cat litter, combining unique textures, superior odor control and maximum absorption with dust-free and clumping options. Five formulas meet the needs of any breed or household preference, providing a deeper appeal to growing consumer demand for high-performance, eco-friendly and innovative solutions in this category:

ökocat® Super Soft Wood Clumping Litter - This newly formulated litter has a fine texture similar to that of traditional clay litters, making it easy to transition a cat from a chemical/clay litter to natural. Also great for any cat with sensitive paws, Soft Step™ offers 7 day odor control and amazing absorption, as well as it is incredibly lightweight – naturally. ökocat Soft Step Wood Clumping Litter is available in 3 convenient sizes S ($8.99), M ($13.99), and L ($19.99).

ökocat® Natural Wood Clumping Litter - This best-in-class, fast and firm clumping litter in soft, ground pellets delivers 7-day odor control, and unsurpassed absorption, able to hold 500% its weight in liquid. Made from natural wood material, this litter offers the added benefits of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and convenient, flushable disposal. Sleek, modern packaging for eye-catching shelf appeal, the ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter is available in 3 sizes: S (7.5 lb, $8.99), M (12 lb, SRP $13.99) and L (18 lb, SRP $19.99). 

ökocat® Natural Wood Long Hair Clumping Litter - Specially designed for long-haired cat breeds that tend to get cat litter stuck in their fur, ökocat's Natural Wood Long Hair Clumping Litter is made of dense, whole pellets that won’t get carried out of the litter box. This highly absorbent litter (holding up to 500% its weight in liquid) is ideal for finicky, long-haired cats who prefer the soft feel of the mini-pellets on their paws. Boasting 7-day odor control, this natural cat litter’s anti-bacterial properties also benefit delicate systems. ökocat Natural Wood Long Hair Clumping Litter is available in 3 sizes: S (8.4 lb, SRP $8.99), M (13.5 lb, SRP $13.99) and L (20.2 lb, SRP $19.99). 

ökocat® Natural Wood Pine Litter - With the natural smell of fresh pine, ökocat's high performance Natural Wood Pine Litter features cracked wood pellets, harnessing the power of pine’s natural ability to destroy ammonia odors in 7 days. Absorbing up to 500% of its weight in liquid, this non-clumping option has an appealing subtle pine scent that leaves homes smelling fresher, longer…naturally. ökocat Natural Wood Pine Litter is available in 3 sizes: S (7.8 lb, SRP $5.99), M (12.4 lb, SRP $9.49) and L (18.6 lb, SRP $13.99). 

ökocat® Natural Paper Dust Free Litter - This litter is made from clean, white paper pulp, not recycled news print. Unlike other paper litters, it contains no inks, dyes or added scents. It’s incredibly lightweight pellet is firm outside and soft inside. Ideal for cats with respiratory ailments, or people with allergies, ökocat Dust Free Paper Litter absorbs 200% of its weight in liquid, this litter is also fortified with a natural proprietary odor control formula for long-lasting 7-day odor control. ökocat Natural Paper Dust Free Litter is available in 3 sizes: S (5.1 lb, SRP $5.99), M (8.2 lb, SRP $9.49) and L (12.3 lb, SRP $13.99). 

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