Natural Wood Cat Litter vs Clay & Silica: What's the Difference and Why Make the Switch Today

These days there are SO many choices when it comes to cat litter. We've come a long way from only having a few non-clumping, inexpensive clay litters to choose from. Now there is everything from crystal litter that changes colors, to all kinds of clumping clay or wood litter and several different food-based litters like corn, wheat, tofu, tea, walnut....and the list goes on. Plus, the price range can vary greatly and can really add to the monthly pet budget.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to using a litter that your cat likes, doesn't stink up the entire house, easy to scoop and clean, and also good for the environment. 

Wondering how to decide? No one wants to waste time and money trying a bunch of different litters that don't work. Let's start by explaining the differences and why wood natural litter is the best choice for today's cat parents. 

Wood works naturally without harmful chemicals or added perfumes or scents.

Have you ever seen how a piece of wood will swell up when water is allowed to stay on it? If you have ever had a toilet leak or other leak where a wood floor is, you have probably experienced this. 

Wood fiber also naturally prevents enzymes from boding with liquid and waste to stop the creation of ammonia & odor. It is a nice, natural "wood" scent that is pleasant for you and your cat. Though wood litter is very effective at neutralizing the odors of urine and ammonia, it isn’t so great at managing the smell of feces. To keep your wood litter box smelling good, it’s best to scoop solids as soon as possible and dispose in a biodegradable bag. 

stops odors

Clay or silica also absorb liquid but usually have added chemicals and perfumes. Clay litters contain bentonites which can be very dusty and cause respiratory issues. Keep in mind, a cat’s sense of smell is about 14 times stronger than that of a human. Your cat not only breathes it in when using the litter box, but also may injest it when cleaning their paws and you have to breathe when filling or cleaning the box. 


okocat wood litters are precisely made and cut to absorb liquid on contact, naturally, to form solid clumps for easy scooping and cleaning with very little airborne dust. A plant-based ingredient is added to make it clump.


Wood litter is made from sustainable materials and is 100% biodegradable. 

Clay litter still accounts for more than five billion pounds of strip-mined clay annually. Strip mining, a type of surface mining, involves removing massive layers of soil and rock to expose the minerals underneath. Through this destructive process, wildlife habitats are ruined and nearby waterways are polluted. Because it’s not biodegradable, it clogs up landfills, a situation that causes much environmental concern.  

As the janitor of your cat’s litter box, hygiene and odor control are key concerns. Natural wood and paper materials are very absorbent and rely on natural plant fibers to trap odors so they can't escape and evade the home.


Clumping Wood litter lasts longer so you spend less and clean less. 


A high quality wood clumping cat litter with great odor control is imperative to making it last longer. The clumps allow for easy daily scooping to remove only the soiled litter and leave the rest. Good odor control helps to keep the space smelling fresh without needing to completely throw out all the litter and replace it with all new litter. 

ökocat natural wood clumping litter works so well, you won't have to change the entire litter box every week, saving time and money. It really is a litter that lasts longer due to its superior all natural absorption capabilities and odor control. With regular scooping, the base litter can last up to 7 weeks!  To make it last even longer, make sure you are using the right scoop so as not to waste any good litter. 






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