ökocat® from Healthy Pet wins CAT FANCY’s 2014 Editors’ Choice Award

Ferndale, WA – (November 12, 2014) Further establishing itself as a leader in eco-friendly pet product innovation, Healthy Pet is excited to announce that its newest collection of ökocat® natural cat litters were selected as a winner of the prestigious Cat Fancy 2014 Editors' Choice Award. To select each year’s winners, the editorial teams from Cat Fancy, and their digital platform CatChannel.com, test hundreds of products and choose winners that reflect innovation, quality, creativity, originality, fill a need in the marketplace and make life better for cats and the people that love them. This year the Cat Fancy 2014 Editors’ Choice Awards were announced in the magazine’s December 2014 issue.

Unmatched in the marketplace, ökocat® provides a renewed innovation in natural cat litter, that provides consumers with a sustainable and eco-friendly product, without sacrificing superior odor control and maximum absorption while free of dust and unwanted clumping. Available in four distinct formulas, ökocat’s lightweight, natural wood and paper based litters meet the specific needs of all breed and takes in account household preferences. Providing a deeper appeal to a growing consumer demand for high-performance, eco-friendly and innovative solutions in this category. 

Although ökocat® only recently launched to the U.S. market earlier this year, Healthy Pet’s team has invested years of hard work developing this product collection with a cat’s instinctual behaviors and unique needs in mind and delivering a product that exceed the expectations of a fast-growing consumer base seeking natural, sustainable solutions. Ranking #1 in cat litters for over a decade in Europe, ökocat’s sleek, modern and progressive product line will no doubt revolutionize the U.S market. 

“We are truly honored to receive this award for ökocat,” states Samuel Cohen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Healthy Pet. “This recognition serves as an incredible opportunity to take the introduction of ökocat‘s pioneering, natural, and high performance litters to the next level. No longer do cat owners and their cats have to sacrifice performance to make a natural choice. Healthy Pet, its people and its products will continue our relentless pursuit of excellence in our service and commitment to pets and our planet to live up to this award.”

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