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We recently ran a giveaway in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to help by sending 20 people in need of okocat litter a coupon for a free box of ökocat. However, due to the high amount of responses, we were able to send out 100 coupons for a free box of ökocat across the US and Canada!

Here are just a few of the many cat parents that received a free box of litter, our hearts were warmed by their stories and what they are doing to care for and love on their kitties.

 “I have 2 babies. One is 4 and he’s blind since birth and one is 8 months and super active. They’re amazing together and are so happy since I have been laid off and the kids home from school. We get to spend so much more time with them! They are my everything and as important my own children. It’s been harder to afford things since losing my job, a free box for my babies would be amazing!” — Stacy, New York
“I have worked with rescue for 16+ years. Recently had some health issues and had to stop volunteering at the shelter. I recently lost my 16-year-old beloved kitty from cancer. Just 7 months prior I lost my 12-year-old kitty also from cancer. Both were rescue cats. I have just adopted two young kitties who were born into a feral family. They are doing pretty good still have their jumpy isues. They are sweet and getting better every day. I have attached a picture of my orange girl Charlie and my multi-color long hair kitty Dorie.” — Sandy, Michigan
“This is Grace. She was born to a feral Momma cat in my uncle’s backyard. She was one of three in the litter. She saved me. I had recently lost my fur baby who was over 16 years old. (Sadie) She was a special needs kitty and I was heart-broken without her. When I found Grace she was so small she could fit in the palm of my hand. Now she’s 4 years old and loves her life. I’ve used ökocat litter for many years and wouldn’t settle for anything less for my fur babies.” — Lisa, New Jersey
“We run a kitty rescue shelter. We have taken in abused, orphaned, abandoned and feral kitties, along with some kitties from a high-kill shelter that were deemed by them as "unadoptable". We give them safety, love, full bellies and warm snuggles. We currently have 19 in our care, and all are loved and snuggled all day. Our business is based at home, but since it is art, our sales are slow and our gallery is closed. Keeping our supply of litter is very important.” — Joy, Washington
“During this time of stay at home orders, in addition to my own three cats, I have taken to fostering a lovely momma cat and her four babies, and tomorrow two additional, bottle fed, kittens will be delivered to me for care and fostering.” — Dorothy, Virginia

We are dedicated to helping cats in need, that's why we launched out okocause4paws program in 2018 which has donated over 10,000 pounds of ökocat natural litter to chosen shelters in eco-friendly cities across the United States, as voted on by our ökofans.

Learn more about okocause4paws today!

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