How to open and pour ökocat natural litter

ökocat litter is very lightweight with a convenient spout for easy pouring.  

Not only is ökocat box-shaped for easy storing and lightweight with a handle for easy transporting, but each box has a pour spout located on the left side of the box. This perforated spout allows easy pouring into your cat’s litter box.

Follow these easy steps to open and pour ökocat litter.

Step 1: Locate the perforated pour spout on the left side of the box.

Step 2: Push in on the perforated edges to open the box. It might be easier to lay the box on its side with the pour spout side up, so no litter escapes while opening.

Step 3: Pull the tab out for easy pouring. Push in or pull down the small round tab first, then use your finger to pull out large tab. If the small tab portion stayed connected to the flap when pushed in, carefully use the end of a spoon or fork to leverage the tab out.  

Step 4: Fill your cat’s litter box with ökocat, scoop daily and clean out regularly. Wash hands with soap and water after handling used cat litter to prevent the spread of bacteria.


Ta-da! Simply follow these four steps to quickly and easily open and pour ökocat litter into your cat’s litter box.

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