3 purrfect reasons to use a natural litter that’s cleaner & healthier for your cat & home

As a cat parent, not only do you want the best for your cat, but you also want to use a litter that works well, and if we are being honest, one that doesn’t make your house smell like a cat lives there.

The most commonly used type of litter is clay litter, but did you know that there are more than five billion pounds of strip-mined clay annually?

…..That most clay litter eventually ends up in landfills and never breaks down?

…..That most clay litter contains HARMFUL chemicals, SYNTHETIC fragrances and lots of dirty clay dust? These start in the litter box and in the air, but then can also end up stuck on your cat’s paws and even ingested or tracked around your house.

clay litters end up in landfills

Make the change to a cleaner, healthier litter.

Using a natural litter like ökocat® empowers you to make a cleaner, healthier choice for your cat, your family and your home. Plus, it’s better for our planet too since ökocat® is a premium natural litter made entirely from sustainably sourced, natural plant fiber, making it an eco-friendly choice.  It offers the brilliance of European engineering for a better litter with next generation performance that leaves old school clay and chemicals in the dust.


Three benefits of using ökocat natural litter: 

okocat litter stops odors

ökocat stops odor before it starts without added fragrance 

Wood fiber naturally stops the creation of ammonia odors with NO artificial fragrances, NO synthetic chemicals, NO toxic dyes, and NO GMOs.


okocat litter clumps solid

ökocat clumps solid and it’s biodegradable & flushable* 

Natural fiber quickly absorbs liquid on contact to form solid clumps for easy scooping and cleaning. Because it’s made from sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued natural plant fiber, it can be safely returned to the earth. Just scoop and flush one clump at a time, compost it, or dispose in a biodegradable bag.

okocat litter is dust free for healthier home

ökocat is 99% dust-free. No dirty clay dust!

Clean natural fiber is screened and de-dusted for a cleaner pour. No more dirty, harmful clay dust in the air or on the floor, furniture or on your cat’s paws.


ökocat litter is available in a perfect variety for any cat or home.

okocat litter varieties


ökocat original litter is relentless at controlling odor, while offering a pleasant, playful texture that's easy on paws, and provides a fresh natural scent reminiscent of the great outdoors. This is our most popular and widely-used variety of litter.

ökocat super soft litter is perfect for cats with sensitive paws or even kittens. Its super soft texture is similar to clay, so transitioning your cat to a cleaner and healthier natural choice is a snap.

ökocat less mess is made from soft, mini-pellets that are easy on paws, and less likely to stick to your cats' fur, or track through the house like finer litters.

ökocat also offers a non-clumping dust-free paper litter created for cats with respiratory ailments, or people with allergies. This litter is made from clean, white paper pulp, not recycled newsprint, so it contains NO inks, dyes or added scents. 

Make the switch to a superior, natural litter that is cleaner and healthier for your cat, your family, and your home and better for our planet too!


oko means eco


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