The Best Pets to Adopt for Apartment Living

Apartment living can be a unique challenge when it comes to pet ownership. The limited space and proximity to neighbors means you have to choose a pet that is comfortable with this type of environment.  

When you choose the right one, having a pet in an apartment can bring so much joy and companionship, making your living space feel more like a home. This guide will explore the best pets to adopt if you’re living in an apartment.

Why People Seek the Company of Pets

Pets offer more than just companionship; they provide emotional support, reduce stress, and can even improve your physical health. For many people, pets are a huge source of unconditional love and comfort. Here are some reasons why people might seek the company of pets: 

  • Companionship – Pets can reduce feelings of loneliness, especially for those living in an apartment alone.
  • Stress relief – Interacting with pets has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.
  • Routine and responsibility – Caring for a pet provides a sense of purpose and helps establish a daily routine.
  • Social interaction – Pets, especially dogs, can help their owners meet new people and build social connections.
  • Mental health benefits – Pets can help improve symptoms of depression and other mental health issues by providing companionship and unconditional affection.

Finding Pet-Friendly Apartments

Finding a pet-friendly apartment can be challenging, but resources like SpareRoom can make the search easier. SpareRoom is a roommate-matching website where you can filter your living preferences, including accommodations for pets. This will help you find compatible roommates who are open to living with pets. So whether you’re living in a small LA apartment or renting in NYC, you can find the perfect place for you and your furry, feathered, or scaly friend.


The Best Pets for Apartment Living

If you live in an apartment but are thinking about adopting a pet, it's important to consider things like space, noise, and exercise. Here are some of the best pets that will be comfortable in an apartment setting. 

1. Cats

Cats are one of the most popular choices for apartment dwellers. These fur balls are independent, low-maintenance, and need less space compared to dogs. Here are some reasons why cats are great for apartments: 

  • Size – Most cats are small and can feel comfortable in smaller living spaces.
  • Litter training – You can train your cat to use a litter box, making them perfect for apartment living. okocat natural litter is a great choice for small spaces. 
  • Quiet – Unlike dogs, cats are generally quiet animals, making them ideal if you live close to other people. 

2. Small Dog Breeds

While some dogs require large spaces and plenty of exercise, many small dog breeds are well-suited for apartment life. Some of the best small dog breeds for apartments include: 

  • French Bulldogs – These dogs are known for their calm and friendly nature. They don't require a lot of exercise and are relatively quiet, which means they won’t upset the neighbors!
  • Pugs – Pugs are affectionate and adapt well to apartments. They have a playful nature.
  • Chihuahuas – These tiny dogs are full of personality and energy but can still get enough exercise within an apartment. 

3. Fish

Fish can be a relaxing and low-maintenance pet option for apartments. An aquarium can also add a touch of tranquility and beauty to your living space. The benefits of adopting a fish include: 

  • Minimal space requirement – An aquarium doesn't take up much space and can fit easily on a countertop or stand.
  • Low noise – Fish are silent pets, making them perfect for apartments where noise levels need to be kept low.
  • Calming effect – Watching fish swim can create a calming and stress-relieving environment. 

4. Birds

Birds are delightful pets that bring a splash of color to any apartment. Birds that do well in apartment settings include: 

  • Budgerigars (Budgies) – These small, friendly birds are easy to care for. They also have a lot of personality, which means they can be quite entertaining.
  • Canaries – Known for their beautiful singing, canaries are relatively low-maintenance and don't need a lot of space.
  • Finches – These small birds are social and active, adding lively chirping to your apartment. 

5. Small Animals

Lots of small animals make excellent apartment pets due to their size and low maintenance requirements. Some good options include: 

  • Hamsters – These small creatures are easy to care for and can be housed in a habitat. Just make sure its at least 650 sq ft. filled with lots of comfy carefresh bedding for burrowing. 
  • Guinea Pigs – Guinea pigs are social animals that enjoy interaction so it's best to have two. They can live comfortably in a small enclosure but make sure it's at least 10.5 sq ft.
  • Rabbits – While they require a bit more space, rabbits can be litter-trained and are generally quiet, making them suitable for apartments. 

6. Reptiles

Reptiles are fascinating pets that only need minimal space and maintenance. Some good choices for apartments include: 

  • Geckos – These small lizards can live comfortably in a terrarium.
  • Snakes – Many snake species, such as corn snakes, are easy to care for and don't need much space.
  • Turtles – Turtles are quiet and can live in a tank, making them a good option for apartments. 

Things to Consider When Living With Pets

When adopting a pet for an apartment, there are a few things you need to consider: 

  • Space – Make sure your apartment has enough space for the pet to move around comfortably.
  • Noise – Be mindful of the noise levels your pet may produce, especially if you have close neighbors.
  • Exercise – Make sure you can meet the exercise and activity needs of your pet, whether through indoor play or outdoor walks.
  • Allergies – Consider any allergies you or your roommates may have before bringing a pet into your home.
  • Building policies – Check your apartment building's pet policies to make sure you’re allowed to keep your chosen.



Pets can bring huge joy and companionship to your life. By choosing a pet that suits your living space and lifestyle, you can create a happy home environment. Whether you go for a cat, a small dog, a hamster, or even a fish, plenty of animals can thrive in an apartment setting.



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