How to save money with okocat natural litter

As a cat owner, you hate to waste litter (i.e. waste money), but also want to make sure your cats and their litter box are hygienic. When using ökocat we have two basic recommendations to help your litter go further! 

1. Scoop every day, and clean the entire litter box every 5-7 weeks.

Thankfully, when you use ökocat, you don’t have to change the entire litter box every week!

Simply add new litter as needed after you scoop, keeping about 3” in the tray at all times. Plus when cleaning the litter box, remember that ökocat is both biodegradable and compostable – making it better for the planet.

When cleaning the litter box, remember that ökocat is both biodegradable and compostable. 

Watch our brief 15 second video and see for yourself how easy it is to use okocat litter:

2. Use a large-slotted pellet scoop for ökocat litter.

Because our litters are larger than traditional clay litter, most scoops available have slots that are too small.

You can find a large-slotted pellet scoop on many online sites. It is especially helpful when the slots in the scoop are located at back, this allows the unused litter can easily fall back into the litter box.  


While we recommend any scoop with large slots, the top three scoops that are compatible with all varieties of ökocat litter are the Litter-Lifter Pellet Scoop, and BasicForm Cat Litter Scoop or modify a plastic one




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