8 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

All cats deserved to be loved and spoiled. Here are 8 creative ways you can pamper your cat anytime of the year. 

1. Create a comfy space for them.

Offer your kitty lots of comfy sleeping places, such as a snuggly new cat bed, a kitty couch to lounge on or a window seat perch (so they have the purrfect place to people-watch). Your cat will love having multiple places around the house set up and dedicated to their napping habits. 

2. Give them the gift of fresh water.

A practical and great way to pamper your cat is with a pet drinking fountain, simply fill it up and your cat will get to enjoy the luxury of fresh flowing water. This is the perfect solution if you have multiple cats at home who always seem to be drinking water before you can fill it up, or even if you have one cat, but often are away during the day.

3. Indulge them with interactive toys.

Make play time fun again, especially if you have an older cat, by getting an interactive toy. It keeps your cat entertained physically and gives them a mental workout as well. It will be so fun to watch them as they play and learn, no matter if they’re young or old! Two of our favorite interactive toys are the pop’n’play interactive cat toy and the Ralthy interactive cat toy! It is important to always monitor your cat as they play with interactive toys, and put them away when you are not present or not in use. 

4. Pamper them with a “spa day”.

spoilt your cat

Aren’t spa days just the best? You can pamper your feline friend by brushing their luscious locks and helping remove any loose fur to cut down on fur balls or matted hair. Plus, add in a little extra luxury by scratching them between their ears or even petting them all the way down to the tip of their tail (if they will allow it of course).

5. Treat them to a kitty garden.

If you have a cat that gets the munchies on your house plants, then treating them to their own kitty garden is such a fun way to treat them. You can buy a cute cat planter plus seedlings and grow a mix of grasses like wheat, barely, oat and rye. This will not only be a cute addition to a window sill in the house, but also provides healthy greens full of good vitamins for your fur ball.

6. Make the switch to a natural litter like plant-based okocat.

okocat natural plant based litter

Treat your cat like a royalty by transitioning them to ökocat, a healthier, cleaner litter made from upcycled wood and paper remnants to create a planet-friendly, compostable cat litter. ökocat is a premium natural litter that clumps solid, is 99% dust free and stops odor before it starts without using any synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes, or artificial fragrances. Which means you can spoil them with a cleaner and healthier litter for your cat, your home and the planet.

7. Help them unwind with a little bit of catnip. 

Catnip is a great way to relieve stress in cats, allowing your cat to be energetic at first, then enjoying a relaxing and happy state of mind. Cats simply love this special treat, you can give them just a little bit of catnip to snack on, or you can even buy special toys that have catnip in them.

8. Gift them with new toys.

Buy a pack of fun and exciting new toys and you will revitalize and stimulate your cat. Not only will you be able to find a new way to connect and have fun with your cat, it helps your cat have a productive way to release their energy.

As you look for new and fun ways to spoil your sweet kitty on International Cat Day, we hope that these suggestions are helpful and you can enjoy a wonderful day celebrating your feline friend.

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