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Easy Tips for Transitioning To a New Cat Litter

Easy Tips for Transitioning To a New Cat Litter 

We all know cats can by very finicky and getting them to use a new cat litter may not be easy. The best way to transition to a different litter is to do it over a period of a week to ten days by adding small amounts of the new litter to the old until you have transitioned over completely. This way, most cats will adapt without incident.

Transitioning to a new natural cat litter

1.      Fill the clean, empty cat litter box with 2” of ökocat 100% natural litter

2.      Pour 1” of the old litter on top

3.      Let your cat mix the litters as they are used

4.      Next time you clean the litter box entirely, fill more of the new ökocat litter with less of the old on top until your cat has adjusted to the change

If you have had issues with litter box avoidance, allow your cat to “audition” litters by simultaneously putting down three or four boxes with different litters in each one and see if she prefers one over another. This could be a quick fix for a litter box problem! It’s a good idea to use biodegradable throwaway litter boxes for this exercise. 

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