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Featherweight Clumping Wood Cat Litter

Featherweight is the lightest of lightweight litters. The soft texture is similar to that of clay, so transitioning your cat to a clean & healthier natural choice is a snap.

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    Make the choice to switch to a superior natural litter that's cleaner and healthier for your cat, family and home. Made entirely from sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued natural wood fiber, ökocat® offers the brilliance of European engineering for a better performing litter.

    7 Day Odor Control

    STOPS ODOR – Wood fiber naturally prevents enzymes from bonding with liquid & waste to stop the creation of ammonia & odor.


    CLUMPS SOLID – Precision-cut fiber absorbs liquid on contact to form solid clumps for easy scooping & cleaning.

    No Airborne Dust

    99% DUST FREE – Clean wood fiber is screened & de-dusted for a cleaner pour. No dirty clay dust. 

    Biodegradable and Flushable

    Biodegradable and Flushable* – Degrades quickly and cleanly unlike clay litters that sit in landfills for years. Plus, it has the added convenience of being flushable. Just scoop and flush one clump at a time.





    Switching made simple!

    Start with a clean, empty litter box at each transition:

    1 Fill half the box with ökocat and top off with your current litter for a total of 2-3".

    2 Use more ökocat and top with less of your current litter.

    3 When your cat is comfortable with the change, fill litter box 2-3" entirely with ökocat.

    With regular scooping, litter can last up to 7 weeks.

    To transition your cat




    This product can expose you to wood and dust, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information www.p65warnings.ca.gov

    California has a referendum in place for protection of the sea lion population, as cat feces can harm sea lions. Please be aware of any local restrictions you may be subject to.

    How to use:

    Pour 2-3" of litter into a clean litter box. Scoop waste clumps daily. Add more litter as needed to maintain desired depth. With regular scooping, your base litter can last up to 7 weeks. 

    Scoop. Clump. Flush

    *ökocat is flushable in well-maintained septic systems. It is important to only flush only 1 or 2 scoops of litter at a time. Never put large amounts of litter in the toilet. Please check with your local and state regulations before flushing into a public or septic system. Healthy Pet will not be responsible for damages resulting from misuse of its products.


    According to CA Law AB 2485, encouraging your cat to use an indoor litter box, or properly disposing of outdoor cat feces, is beneficial to overall water quality. California asks that you do not flush cat litter in toilets or dispose of it in gutters or storm drains.

    What types of wood are used in our natural cat litter? Does it contain any harmful oils?

    ökocat litter is a blend of spruce, fir and pine. Our fiber suppliers comply with policies of the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative. All wood is dried at a very high temperature that removes any volatile oils or phenols. We maintain long-term relationships with our wood suppliers and perform 3rd party validation testing to ensure consistent manufacturing of wood products with lower than detectable levels of  VOC (volatile organic compounds) content.

    Are there harmful chemicals used in the processing of your cat litter?

    No. Any of the additives in our products are those typically found in the production of common household products such as tissue paper and/or products for human consumption.

    What scoop is best to use with the larger pellet litters?

    There are several scoops with large slots specially designed for use with pellets available at retailers. 

    Does ökocat litter works in litter robot or other clumping litter machines?

    We only recommend using a manual type of litter machine, not automatic, as the formed clumps should sit for 1-2 hours before sifting for best results. We recommend using the super soft wood clumping litter which is grounded into fine granules much like clay litter. The ones that performed the best in our testing were the sifting style or manually rolled ones. The Long Hair formula does not work for any type of litter machine as the pellets are too large.

    Where does the paper come from in ökocat Dust Free litter?

    Paper is produced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose pulp derived from trees. Rather than using recycled newspaper that contains inks and dyes like some other paper litters, our paper is produced from natural wood fibers in our own processing facilities specifically designed to make paper cat litter. These wood fibers are washed and screened via a proprietary process. This process melds the fibers together to produce a finished pellet that is then dried and screened to very specific specifications and packed on dedicated packaging lines.

    Is the ökocat™ box recyclable?

    Yes, the corrugated ökocat™ box is recyclable. Please remove and dispose of the handle before recycling. 

    Why is there a PROP 65 Warning on the packaging of your cat litters?

    We realize the requirement posed (only) by the state of California sounds scary. It needn't be. The warning pertains to "wood dust." Along with beach sand, wood dust was added to a list of more than 900 substances ruled harmful when overexposure occurs in the workplace, or even by a consumer. According to the law, all wood- and silica-based cat litters should state the Prop 65 warning to be compliant, though many do not.

    There are several innocuous substances on the California list that with typical use, do not risk human or pet health (e.g. traditional clay cat litters are also required to carry the warning for silica or "sand,"). However, it's our responsibility to label our products as required by law. Being a small company and to keep retail costs down, we chose to print only one packaging version, rather than incurring the cost of a "California only " version.

    Are any animals used in the testing of your products?

    We do not use animals in the testing of any of our products. All our products do go through rigorous quality assurance procedures and third party laboratory testing and adhere to established safety guidelines mandated by regulatory and animal welfare agencies. Our products are made from substances that have a long history of safety for both the humans and animals, and are found in everyday products from both the food and cosmetics industries.

    Is your product still safe for birds?

    okocat is developed and manufactured specifically for cats. We recommend checking with your local vet first before using it for other species. As with any changes to your pet's care, if you do use it be sure to observe your pet closely for changes in behavior. Potential risk of impaction exists if your pet ingests a significant amount of any litter. If you suspect impaction, discontinue use immediately and seek veterinary care.

    Where are your products made?

    Previously, our clumping products were made in Germany and have been sold there as Europe's number one natural litter for more than 15 years under the name of CAT'S BEST. Now they are made in the USA at our facility in Jesup, GA.

    Dogs and small pets