Puppy Go Potty™ FAQs

Curious canines.

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Are any animals used in the testing of your products?

We do not use animals in the testing of any of our products. All our products do go through rigorous quality assurance procedures and third party laboratory testing and adhere to established safety guidelines mandated by regulatory and animal welfare agencies. Our products are made from substances that have a long history of safety for both the humans and animals, and are found in everyday products from both the food and cosmetics industries.

What if my dog eats it?

This has been known to happen with puppies who are more often "playing" with the litter, rather than actually ingesting it because they think it tastes good. If you see this happening, discourage it with sweet but firm discipline and watch to make sure it discontinues. If you notice your dog not having bowel movements or see litter in the bowel movements, discontinue use and consult your vet.

Does it work for large breed dogs?

Puppy Go Potty has been successfully used for large breed adult dogs that are not able to get outdoors, or even just full time indoor companions. Since adult dogs can usually be trained to come and go as we request, once your dog uses the PGP litter and tray and receives repeated praise and reward, they will usually use it again.

Does it work for male dogs that lift their leg to pee?

Totally depends on the dog. As you can imagine, some small toy or miniature breed dogs barely lift their little legs off the ground. That said, the little ones don't have a problem hitting within the 6.5" wall of the litter tray.

How is this different from paper cat litter?

Quite different. For starters, there is a pheromone attractant on the material that is only attractive to dogs. It is also much larger. The "nuggets" are the size and shape they are so they are less likely to get caught in the way dog paws hold onto things, compared to smaller different shaped kitty paws.

How big are the litter nuggets?

Nuggets are about ½" x ½", but they vary in size. Most importantly, they are not a long narrow pellet, like other dog litters, which can easily get caught in paws and don't absorb as well.