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Dogs have three eyelids: an upper lid, a lower lid and the third lid, called a nictitating membrane or "haw," which helps keep the eye moist and protected.

Goodbye plastic pads.


Being a dog parent can be very rewarding but can also be challenging and expensive. Dogs have tons of energy and need plenty of attention, socializing and training with regular vet visits. 

Each breed of dog is unique and has its own rewards and challenges, as well, every dog has its own personality. You may have to practice lots of patience, but with proper love and care, your dog can be a great companion, making all the hard work well worth it.

Whether you just got a new puppy, adopted an adult dog or have had one for awhile, it's important to provide a warm, safe place for them to sleep and a convenient, regular spot for them to go to the bathroom. Consistent training is a must to prevent accidents from ruining your floor or furniture. For those times when it's not convenient to take them outside or if they just prefer the indoor life, Puppy Go Potty natural fiber dog litter is a great indoor potty solution. 

All dogs need toys, entertainment and daily exercise to keep from getting bored and into trouble. Make sure they have safe toys to chew on. Some prefer to sleep in a kennel while others prefer to sleep wherever they want to, including your bed if allowed. 

There is an overwhelming array of options for dog food ranging from traditional dry kibble to refrigerated raw to making your own. Dogs are not strict carnivores. While meat should make up a majority of their diet, nutrients from grains, fruits and vegetables are also needed. A good dog food will contain meat, vegetables, grains and fruits. The best dog foods contain high-quality versions of all the necessary ingredients appropriate for your dog's digestive system. Not every dog has the same nutritional needs. 

While many owners take their dogs outside to pee and poop, indoor potty training is a convenient, viable option for puppies, small breeds or dogs with special needs, particularly those living in cold climates or in high-rise buildings or to use for accident prevention when you're not home or traveling. Instead of using plastic puppy pads, Puppy Go Potty is a natural, biodegradable litter that contains natural odor control and a pheromone attractant which makes indoor training easy!

Goodbye plastic pads.