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Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs have a "happy dance" called popcorning, where they run backwards and forwards, then leap into the air kicking their legs out!

For the best nest.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make great companions. They are generally hardy, docile, rarely bite and love humans so they make excellent starter pets for older children, elementary age and up. Guinea pigs not only love to be around humans, they also prefer to have another pig living with them.

Guinea pigs can live long lives, five to seven years on average, some even into their teens. Each one can have their own, fun unique personality so be sure to interact with them before adopting.

Your pigs should have a large home with a solid bottom that has plenty of room to move around. They should only live indoors, and do well with cool or even cold weather, but should not be subjected to dampness or drafts. Place lots of exercise playthings in your guinea pig's habitat, such as cardboard tubes and boxes for hiding. Guinea pigs also need an enclosed sleeping area.

Line the bottom of their large home with lots of comfy, absorbent carefresh® natural paper bedding. It is more comfortable for guinea pigs than shavings alone because of their sensitive feet.

Guinea pigs should have access to Timothy or other grass hay at all times – it is great for their digestive system and it satisfies their need to gnaw. Their diet should contain a stabilized form of Vitamin C, which is crucial to your guinea pig's health. Do not give them food that contains seeds and nuts. 

Fresh greens and vegetables can be fed in moderation. Give sweet treats (like grapes or raisins) only on occasion because they contain natural sugars that can cause diarrhea. Provide fresh water through an inverted bottle with a drinking tube and change the water every day.

For the best nest.