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Convenient for you... Comforting for
your dog.

Puppy Go Potty dog litter is an indoor potty solution that really works.

Whether you have one four legged indoor companion or a bevy of bishon frises, our lightweight natural dog litter offers a convenient and comforting place for your dog to GO indoors. A great solution for small dog owners, ill or senior dogs, breeders, trainers, doggie daycares, rescues and more.
Puppy Go Potty is made from paper pulp by natural fiber experts with a research driven approach to doggy doo’s… and dont's. The large compressed nuggets quickly absorb 4x  their weight in liquid and successfully control urine odors.  It’s very lightweight and also low-dust, unlike traditional clay-based litters.


  • Puppy Training
    – Success comes quickly
  • Indoor Dogs
    – A permanent elimination location
  • High Rise Living
    – Time and effort from the 30th floor
  • Accident Prevention
    – When you're not home
  • Special Needs
    – Elderly, physically challenged or ill dogs or owners that have difficulty getting out for routine walks
  • Weather
    – Ideal when it’s 10˚ below or a sweltering 102˚
  • Defining a Potty Space
    – Inside to outside training tool
  • RVing /Traveling
    – Convenience and portable.
    Anywhere, anytime.
  • Concrete Jungles
    – Eliminates the need to look for greenscapes or parks.
Now only available in 14 lbs here on our web store. Puppy Go Potty dog litter is an indoor potty solution that really works.
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