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Why Okocat - Best In Class

okocat natural litter

natural litter.
no compromises.

Several natural litters offer performance in some of the features that are important to you (and your cat of course). BUT, do they rank high in ALL the features like ökocat?

More is better
500% more is best

Lets just say we’ve cracked the code on fast and furious absorbency, making sure your kitty stays clean and dry longer. Plus, your base litter will last 4 - 6 weeks.

After nature calls
Return the favor

Degrades quickly and cleanly unlike clay litters that sit in land fills for years. And has the added convenience of being flushable.

The nose knows

Stop odor in it’s tracks for 7 days. Natural plant fiber binds and traps liquids and odors so they can’t escape, seriously.

naturally lighweight natural cat litter

No box boy required

Unlike clay litters, there’s no heavy lifting here. Reclaimed wood is naturally lightweight, making it easy to tote, pour and store.  

A breath
of fresh air

Kittys, kids and pet parents that have respiratory sensitivity, asthma or allergies need a litter that is free from dust. Our dust free litter is made of firm paper pellets, seriously free of dust or fine matter for fewer gesundheits.