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Frequently Asked Questions - Puppy Go Potty

We do not use animals in the testing of any of our products. All our products do go through rigorous quality assurance procedures and third party laboratory testing and adhere to established safety guidelines mandated by regulatory and animal welfare agencies. Our products are made from substances that have a long history of safety for both the humans and animals, and are found in everyday products from both the food and cosmetics industries.

There are several reasons you might want to try litter instead of a puppy pad.

  1. Less exposure-  Many people are not fond of using pads since they sit out in the open, exposing the doggies wee spots …or more for all to see.
  2. A natural alternative- People may prefer litter for it’s natural ingredients. Pads , which are very similar to diapers in construction are disposed of in land fills and take years to decompose. Litter is a much more earth friendly alternative for those who care about our environment.
  3. More privacy- Since it is held in a tray, dogs often find the litter more comforting than going out in the open.
  4. Less misses- Because the litter tray is 6.5” deep it allows even small male dogs to lift their leg  to go. This can be messy on a pad.
  5. Lasts longer- While you need to clean out the soiled litter as needed, the base litter itself can last a couple weeks.

Not at all. The saturated fiber pulp that makes the litter dries hard, and with little to no dust to bother your precious pooch.

This has been known to happen with puppies. Who are more often “playing” with the litter, than actually ingesting it because they think it tastes good. If you see this happening, discourage it with sweet but firm discipline and watch to make sure it discontinues. If you notice your dog not having bowel movements or see litter in the bowel movements, discontinue use and consult your vet.

No. It is made from clean, paper pulp and includes two additives: a natural pheromone attractant (not synthetic like some litters) which encourages natural marking behavior and a plant derived additive which helps to absorb ammonia odors. 

It depends on the size of your dog.

A small (toy or miniature) breed might only require 2” of litter in the tray to start, while a lab puppy will require an entire 5 lb. bag.

We suggest starting with 2-3” of litter in the tray and watch how your dog uses it. Does he circle quite a few times before going, which moves the litter away from the middle and thus creates an uncovered area, or does he jump right in and use a corner? Whichever, you will want to replace the used litter you remove with new litter to keep the litter tray fresh and clean.

PGP has been  successfully used for large breed adult dogs  that are not able to get outdoors, or even just full time indoor companions.

Since adult dogs can usually be trained to come and go as we request, once your dog uses the PGP litter and tray and receives repeated praise and reward, they will usually use it again.

Totally depends on the dog. As you can imagine, some small toy or miniature breed dogs barely lift their little legs off the ground.

That said, the little ones don’t have a problem hitting within the 6.5” wall of the litter tray.

Like paper mostly. There might be a very subtle hint of “musk”, but usually undetectable to the human nose.

Check the FIND function on our website for retailers that stock the PGP dog litter tray. Or, it is available online through several pet sites; Amazon, DFS, Walmart, etc

We suggest cleaning out soiled litter as it occurs or daily. You can tell when litter has been saturated with urine, as it turns a darker color. Simply remove the soiled litter using a dog waste bag or scoop and add in a bit more new litter. When your dog poos in the litter you will want to remove as soon as possible. We recommend cleaning out the entire litter box every couple weeks or so. Depending on the frequency of use.

The litter is designed in the form of large nuggets for this reason. It is less likely to get caught in doggie paws than typical, pellet-shaped litters. If some does fall out of the box along with your pooch, simply toss it back in.

With patience. With the help of the natural pheromone attractant that encourages their natural marking instincts, some puppies and adult dogs take to it right away. We give you some great tips in our PGP training guide.  But just like potty training them to go outdoors, it does take some effort on your part as well. Be consistent.

Quite different. For starters, there is a pheromone attractant on the material that is only attractive to dogs. It is also much larger. The “nuggets” are the size and shape they are so they are less likely to get caught in the way dog paws hold onto things, compared to smaller different shaped kitty paws.

Typically about ½” x ½”, but they vary in size.  But most importantly, they are not a long narrow pellet, like other dog litters, which can easily get caught in paws and don’t absorb as well.

100% natural fiber- clean, paper pulp. Unlike other dog litters, it is not made from recycled newspaper so it does not contain inks and dies. You can see the difference!