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About CritterCare

We love small pets. 

At CritterCare® we're crazy about small animals - from hamsters and gerbils to rabbits and guinea pigs.  They are part of our family and we couldn't imagine our world without them.  That's why we obsess over every detail to ensure each product we make is healthy, safe and worry-free for the entire family.  

We start by using only natural reclaimed paper fibers sourced locally to reduce products going into landfills and to keep carbon emissions to a minimum.  Then we blend it with our own odor-control formula to help keep homes smelling fresh and clean.  And our confetti colors are not only bright and fun, but safe and colorfast so you never have to worry about runs or stains.  

The result is a complete line of small animal bedding products that keep little pets warm and dry, and also keep homes and the planet fresh and clean.